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A long video celebrating the recently rennovated Sierra Railway No. 3 locomotive. Opens with clips from Petticoat Junction (train chasing guy in handcar) and Back to the Future III that show No. 3 in years past. No. 3 emerges from roundhouse, gets on turntable, and makes its initial run to the Rock Quarry as fire hoses from hand pumpers blast water into the air. Lots of bells, whistles, chug-chug sounds, and black smoke. (10 minutes)

Shows No. 3 locomotive in roundhouse and shows No. 2 (Shay locomotive) as it hooks up to passenger cars and makes a run, blowing its distinctive steam whistle at every crossing. Ends with the tiny car that follows the train, looking for fires. In High Definition (set player to 720p when it starts playing). (Nearly 5 minutes)

Shows locomotives No. 3 and 28 "doubleheading" when pulling a train. Shots of train and scenery from many points of view. Includes some narration. (8+ minutes long)

"John the Miner" tells how to pan for gold and gives a demonstration, using a bucket, shovel, "classifier", and gold pan. He shovels dirt and gravel from Woods Creek into a bucket through the classifier (strainer), which removes the larger gravel pieces. He then uses the pan to look for gold, tipping and shaking it but not swirling. A speck of gold is picked out with a finger. (7+ minutes)

Charley, owner of Charley's Books & Galleria, gives a tour of his store. Specializes in Gold Rush history & Western history. Has sections on Mark Twain, Elvis/Beatles/Marilyn Monroe, railroad books, music (songs of the Gold Rush), graphic books, women of the west, and more. (5+ minutes)

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